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GeTup Silicone bracelet.

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Get Up!
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Praying you will all be inspired to Get Up and conquer.

Let’s be honest... 

Life can be hard and disappointing and (at times ) downright devastating.

We allow Loss and Failure to take over our body, mind and spirit. 

We allow our wants and wishes to cloud our vision of the beauty of our “haves”...

We lose sight of our dreams because of our setbacks. 

We lose motivation to keep on because progress takes time and we live in a society that expects instant results. 

We choose often to critique rather than congratulate. 

We choose to be angry and hurt when something wonderful comes to an end instead of being grateful for the time we were given. 

We give up often because of fear of failure. 

We choose to sit down and complain rather than GETting UP and conquering.

Conquering our Fears- Dreams- Goals- Life 

Sometimes it takes looking back on 

Someone Great’s Life and the Message He delivered


Reading Scripture 

To realize ... 

It’s NOW or NEVER. 

It’s My Life.


I choose to GET UP. 

What do you choose?

My husband's vision  to honor his father.

Thank you!